Our Approach – “10 Steps” Systems Thinking Approach To Strategic Planning

We have come up with a 10 steps strategic planning and implementation approach. SLC International has reinvented strategic planning into a system model of strategic management that utilizes the systems thinking approach. We go beyond the planning process into a systematic implementation plan.




Step 1: Plan- to-Plan

  • Briefing senior management on positioning & strategic Business design.
  • Establishing and training an internal support cadre.
  • Organizing for the actual planning process and tailoring the process to your unique needs.

Future environmental scan for business

Step 2: Ideal Future State

  • Develop/ Review the Vision Statement
  • Develop/ Review the Mission Statement
  • Review Core Values Statement

Step 3: Goal and Key Success Measures

  • Key goals and objectives are discussed and agreed. This include customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, learning and financial viability.
  • Priorities for the next 3 – 5 years determined

Step 4: Current State Assessment

  • Including the SWOT analysis
  • Current state successes and challenges
  • Strategy implementation capacity gaps exist?

Step 5: Core Strategy Development

  • Bridging gap between the ideal future vision and the current state.

Step 6: Year – 3 Business Operational Plans

  • Developing unit plans with prioritized actions
  • Strategic budget – allocation of resources to the strategy

Step 7: Annual Business Plans and budgets

  • Each business unit/department must develop concrete annual business plans to carry out the core strategies.
  • Budgeting / allocation of resources based on the strategic plan

Step 8: Plan-to-Implement

  • Put the plan into action including leadership development & change management.

Step 9: Implementation Plan

  • Transform the corporate plan into individual plans and ties a rewards system to it.
  • Balanced Scorecard implementation
  • Strategic leadership and change management

Step 10: Annual Plan Review and Update


Our primary purpose as SLC International is to ensure that your management team and staff;

  • Learn how to apply strategic and systems thinking on a daily basis
  • To acquire the knowledge and skills to apply a disciplined systems approach to developing an implement-able strategic plan
  • To understand and apply the strategic management system and cycle in the organization
  • To understand strategic positioning and how to use it for competitive advantage
  • To understand the importance of external environment scanning and how to do it
  • To understand how to cascade strategic plans throughout the organization, and align all work units to the strategic direction
  • To learn what is needed for effective change and execution
  • To understand the specific objectives of strategic review and update
  •  To learn about the common mistakes of strategic planning and management, and how to avoid or overcome them
  •  To understand and practice the natural leadership competency levels.
  •  To learn and apply the practical tools and techniques for strategic planning and management


As a result of applying the systems thinking approach in your strategic planning, you will be able to:

  1. Raise your effectiveness as a better Strategic Thinker and Leader on a daily basis in everything you touch and do.
  2. Deliver a much higher level of customer value by the entire organization on a focused and consistent basis.
  3. Integrate Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Change in a holistic fashion for the organization, business units, teams, and employees.
  4. Develop, implement, and sustain a customized and integrated Yearly Strategic Management System and Cycle for your organization.
  5. Achieve sustained competitive advantage for the organization by Leading Strategic Change effectively in a purposeful, coordinated, and highly integrated fashion.
  6. Significantly increase the level of employee engagement, trust, and productivity throughout the organization. 

“While the twin concepts of vision (the destination) and strategy (the means to get there) may be carefully discussed and debated in the executive suite, these concepts often fail to permeate the entire company. Many employees may not even be aware of them at all.”

Adopting the value Habit and unleashing more value for your stakeholders) by Deloitte in collaboration with the Economist Intelligence Unit 2006